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A CR System for every room.
Fuji CR
The SmartCR, with its compact 3 sq. feet footprint and throughput of up to 90 IPs/hour, is a powerful workhorse in a small package. Its small size makes the SmartCR ideal for low and medium volume or distributed imaging environments, such as imaging centers and clinics or even inside the exam room for maximum productivity. The SmartCR consists of a compact reader unit for imaging plate (IP) scanning and erasure, as well as the Flash IIP console workstation for patient ID, image preview, reprocessing and transmission to PACS or imager. The Flash IIP console is robust yet easy to use-so easy that it possible for a technologist to process an exam in as few as 3 STEPS! The Flash IIP console's flexibility also makes placement a snap. Configurations are available with either the Flash Lite IIP or the Flash Plus IIP.

78 IPs/hour average (56-90 IPs/hour)

Image Preview:
20-30 seconds

DICOM Connectivity:
  • DICOM CR Store SCU
  • DICOM Modality Worklist Management
  • DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step
  • DICOM Basic Gray Scale Print SCU
  • DICOM Storage Commitment

Media Type:
Cassettes: Type III-C

Imaging Plates (IPs):
Type ST-VI (Standard Type)
14" x 17" (35 x 43cm)
14" x 14" (35 x 35cm)
10" x 12"
18 x 24
24 x 30

Number of Pixels:
HQ Standard
14" x 17" 3520 x 4280 pixels 1760 x 2140 pixels
14" x 14" 3520 x 3520 pixels 1760 x 1760 pixels
10" x 12" 2505 x 3015 pixels 1670 x 2010 pixels
8" x 10" 2000 x 2510 pixels 2000 x 2510 pixels
24cm x 30cm 2364 x 2964 pixels 1576 x 1976 pixels
18cm x 24cm 1770 x 2370 pixels 1770 x 2370 pixels

3 sq. ft.

Power Requirements:
110 VAC 8.8 A

FCR XC-2 XL-2 Sales Brochure
FCR XC-2 XL-2 Sales Brochure

Fuji Film Brochure
Fuji Film Brochure

FCR Flash Brochure
FCR Flash Brochure

FCR View Brochure
FCR View Brochure

Prima Brochure
Prima Brochure


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