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Prima with Printer
The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact
and lightweight reader units on the market.
The required space is comparatively smaller
than other similar table-top systems and can
be installed in any open space. Another
advantage of this unit is that you don't need
a darkroom any longer.
 Flexible reading in various sizes
*Optional(To be chosen at the time of purchase))
The IP cassette can read various imaging
sizes such as for the chest, lumbar spine,
mammography (15 x 30cm-), and
extremities. Virtually all imaging requirements
can be satisfied with a single unit.
Stable and optimized images
Fujifilm's Image lntelligence" technology automatically enables
stable and optimized high-quality Images.
Ail-in-one workstation
The FCR PRIMA Console is a complete
image management workstation that is
designed for simple and fast patient
identification, image acquiring and
processing, as well as image viewing,
reprocessing, optimizing, and archiving.
Tabletop laser imager
The DRYPIX PRIMA is a compact and lightweight unit
that can be located on a tabletop or workbench making
it particularly suitable for sites with limited space.


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